2022-06-03 19:18:25
Day 3!! 💪🏽
Leticia Marie Gardner: ✅ love to see you ladies consistent
2022-06-02 09:26:09
Day 2 of the 7-14-21 !! I did it sore and everything but I came through for myself 👏🏽🙌
Leticia Marie Gardner: Good job, make sure you stretch today to prevent injury and soreness
Nadia Vela: Yes thank you 😊❤️
2022-06-01 10:20:59
Just finish day 1 of the 7-14-21 program
Loving it and I hope to continue every day ready for new changes in my life …
In my journey to self love ❤️❤️
Leticia Marie Gardner: Yes Queen Enjoy your journey love