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2019-04-16 12:13:10
Does anyone know if the oatmeal is supposed to be 1/2 uncooked or 1 cup uncooked. It says 1cup of oatmeal and that is ALOT if it’s supposed to be 1 cup uncooked
Lizy Felder: I cooked mine
Lauren Smith: I have always wondered that same thing!!! It’s probably the amount of cooked oatmeal though
Leticia Marie Gardner: I cook mine first too
2019-04-14 09:35:11
Hi! I know this is a long shot but I’m going to ask. Does anyone have the video workouts written out for Round 1 and/or 2? I am not a person to follow the videos, it slows me down. I just like to use the video for reference. Let me know !