2019-03-05 22:51:38
_Round 1, Day 2 complete! Some tips for self: Protein Shake (a no go). I think I need to sub milk for Almond Milk; for sure! Pescatarian Meal Plan!! Another no go! I realize I HATE FISH! But, I did notice with the clean eating of fish and other veggies.. I didn’t experience NOT ONE head ache today. I was SUPER energetic, and in all around amazing spirit! Thank You TB21!!
2019-03-05 09:36:07
Ok, so I’m starting my morning with the meal planned breakfast. I’m full ALREADY! Is there anything you can sub the oatmeal for? I just can’t stomach it. It’s harsh on my stomach.
2019-03-04 22:10:27
When I tell YOU!!! I struggled to get through Day 1 started. Believe me!! The devil is busy and his goal is to detour you from a positive, healthy, God filled life! (The Body is God’s Temple) I pushed through and I’m proud of myself. Yes, I had to modify some moves after trying. But, the goal is to stay FOCUS! I pray you all continue to have success in this journey.
2019-03-04 01:06:55
I’m excited!! Day one for me will be tomorrow. Just purchased; I’m excited for this new venture!
Leticia Marie Gardner: I can’t wait to see your results!!