2022-09-02 16:22:11
I know I haven’t been posting frequently but just from when I started till now I have lost 13 pounds I never thought in two years I would be under 200lb and now that I’m 192 it’s still unbelievable I mean it’s not where I want to be just yet but now I just feel like i’m headed in the right direction which personally makes me feel so good and to be honest I haven’t felt so good In such a long time about me so this is very emotional moment I am having right now brb while I go cry my tears out lol 😭 but I remember my first time when I signed up and your words that you said was to “invest in yourself”! that alone has changed my life and ways I can’t describe So thank you ❤️ For helping me gain my strength back Leticia
Leticia Marie Gardner: Good job! Congratulations honey. So proud of you!
Judy Clouston: Awesome!!!
2022-07-28 15:02:49
I think I took like two breaks this week so I’m a little behind but I just finished day 4 7-14-21 beginners workout i’m exhausted but honestly feel better then ever
2022-07-20 11:36:24
New on here Woo hoo!! I’ma trying to loss 35lbs ton my pregnant belly and gain a better shaped butt I just need to stay committed to see the results I’m looking for <3 I hope everyone gets to there goals
Leticia Marie Gardner: You can do it hun