2022-12-27 11:11:57
Has anyone done the 7-day squat challenge?!
I am currently doing it and day 1 took me out! I am going to stay consistent no matter the pain. No more breaks..Who wants to join me?!
Leticia Marie Gardner: Yessss Nicole stay on it! 2023 is right around the corner.
Sheniqua King: I’m in. What’s the rules. And how many per day??
2021-06-21 07:45:23
2nd week of round 2
Nicole Berry: How’s it going ladies!
Jenea Floyd: I slacked off for 4 days! But I’m back today! I’ve been keeping up with my meal plans (weight gain) up 5 lbs since I started 14 days ago so I’m happy. My legs are stronger and my body all around feels good:) Hope it’s going well for everyone else!
Brittany Estelle : Week 2 day 5 still going strong!!! Keep it up!!
2021-06-14 12:54:15
Started R2 Day 1. Anyone starting today
2021-06-08 18:48:07
Finishing up my Mother's Day Challenge....looking forward to my next program...Did anyone else get the Total Access?
Brittany Estelle : I did I’m starting the beginner program tomorrow!!
Jenea Floyd: I did. I started the weight gain program yesterday. About to start 2nd day workout. I think I’m going to do 7 day squat at night starting tonight.
2021-06-03 11:11:26
Did my workout this morning...My goal is to be consistent this entire month. Going to do my total body 21 workouts in the morning and go to the gym to lift weights at least twice a week my goal is to lose 20 lb! I'm currently at 171!
Chantèl Whiting: You got this!
2021-05-20 08:39:52
Went to gym this morning for Cardio and light weights...can't wait to do my workout later
2021-05-10 11:51:09
Started Challenge and I will follow-up with Total body 4..I purchased the 4months..Great Price. Is anyone else just starting...Good Luck everyone.
Chrissy Cruz: I just purchased 4mths as well, will be starting tomorrow. Good luck to you. Lets keep each other posted
2020-08-06 12:07:52
So excited started this morning! My 3rd program with TotalBody21! I just have to eat right this time!
Nicole Berry: Started Total Body Max Feb 18. Love it!