2019-03-01 19:26:42
R1 Day 10 and abs completed.
2019-02-27 14:59:17
I’m behind 3 days. However completed day 8 and 9 today. Got to double up on 10 and 11 tomorrow, with abs
2019-02-24 08:52:05
R1 Day 6 and abs completed.
2019-02-23 15:16:41
R1 Day5 completed.
2019-02-22 20:17:36
R1 day 4. Didn’t work out yesterday so no rest day for me this week.
2019-02-20 15:41:34
Round 1 day 3 completed. Was tempted to not do it but thought only 21 minutes and looked at my stomach. That stirred me up.
Keri Charles : It’s for sure intense umm struggling myself but we can do it ladies!!!
Keri Charles : I’m not umm
Kesha: I understand completely. I want to be summer fine so quitting is not an option no matter how hard it gets!
2019-02-19 05:48:28
R1 D2 with focus abs completed. So exhausted!!!! Seems so harder this time round.
2019-02-18 07:34:01
Round 1 day 1 completed ✅
2019-02-16 06:53:28
Good morning from the UK. I’ve taken the plunge and bought round 1 and 2 again. Starting Monday. Quite nervous but I’ve seen the results on others and myself previously. Hoping this time I can stay on. Thank you Leticia for the discount code.

Have a great day.
2019-01-08 12:37:42
Didn’t join for the challenge but can I still join at any point.
Leticia Marie Gardner: Yes it end the 29th but you have to upload front back inside pictures to the progress tracker to be eligible to win the challenge