2021-09-16 00:02:35
I finished TB21 round 1!! Lost 10lbs and see a HUGE difference ❤️ I’m on to round 2 and then going to work on my weight gain (healthy muscle)
Veronika Mendez: Amazing !
Leticia Marie Gardner: Yesssssss!!! Congrats
Jenea Floyd: Wow! You’ look great!!
2021-08-30 23:34:08
Just had my second baby 3 months ago, I’m on day 4, I’m not going to lie I was about to quit.. decided to weigh myself and I’ve already lost 5lbs 😳
I’m glad I didn’t quit and now I feel more motivated then ever!
Rosa Hollins: I’m on day 6 and it gets easier each day! Don’t give up girl, keep pushing through it. Just think of how your going to feel a month from now. Good Luck on your journey!
Kenia Anderson: Yes! Thank you so much for the encouragement! I’m definitely not going to give up! Hopefully after these 21 days I’ll be able to do part 2. The most difficult thing for me is following the meal plan completely! But I have not cheated at all day 6 now 😊
Leticia Marie Gardner: Keep going !!!!!!