2018-11-06 10:40:55
Day 5 rd 1 down so hard to start but so glad to finish
2018-11-05 14:31:09
The sweat is real! RD 1 day 4
Brenda Acevedo: Sweat come through!!!!
2018-11-03 19:05:14
TB RD 1 day 3 completed this morning at the gym!! Threw some extra cardio in there had a great day!
2018-11-02 09:11:08
RD1 day 2 complete
2018-10-31 09:43:14
I’m back♥️♥️ - been a really hard journey but I just can’t give up.

RD 1 day 1
Mia Alexander: Don’t give up doll. You are worth it!
Jade Hernandez: Awe thank u!♥️ you too!!!
2018-09-19 22:58:26
Today’s workout was crazy! I just love the boxing! R3
Leticia Marie Gardner: ♥️♥️
2018-09-17 10:43:31
R3 day 15 Hi girls! Yes I’ve been MISSING. But one thing my Lord continues to teach me is no matter how much times you fall, always get back up. Might be missing those blessings aligned for you. Stay strong!
Natalie Lucas: Hey girl hey!!!
Leticia Marie Gardner: You got this!!!
Carmen Nieves: You got this honey n we all here to motivate each other
2018-09-07 14:40:03
R3 day 13 !
2018-09-06 10:58:13
R3 day 12! I’m on the 6 month program & I’ve hit it a bit of a depression phase and it’s been kind of rough! But one thing is this group keeps me motivated and going even if I have off days! Totalbody forever and never give up!
Karen Domingo: Get it girl!!!
Jade Hernandez: Thanks so much girls ♥️ I know I will get there. Learning it’s a process and definitely not over night but excited for the end result ♥️♥️
Natalie Lucas: Yes you’ve been going hard!!! Keep going!
2018-09-02 12:08:52
R3 day 11 core!!!! Drip drip I’m sweating!!