2018-09-11 18:32:10
How do I find my exact expiration date? I don’t see it in my email confirmation . Anybody know ?

I had a procedure and been out almost 2 weeks :( so sad. I feel like I need to start R1 over.

Becca Frece: Aw hope you get an extension :)
Leticia Marie Gardner: Depending what plan you purchased. 30day 90day or 6month
Ericka Fletcher: I did the 90 day. I think it’s October 23 but I don’t know for sure but I purchased 90 day July 25, so I think I can do R1 over and get R2 done
2018-08-12 15:50:45
Hey ya’ll . Sending Cali ❤️. I’m always hesitant about buying online programs. I just have to tell you, I thought the meal plan wouldn’t keep me satisfied ( It has). I even cheated a time or two but only in moderation. I’m waiting until I finish Round 2 to do my weigh in, but I had to do a before and after because I could tell shirts were having more room
Jade Hernandez: Thank you for posting this ! It’s very helpful and motivational to know we are not the only ones feeling the way we do and also with the cheat meals! Amazing progress and continue to be great ! ♥️☺️
Tamika Carter: Amazing results...you just gave me even more motivation to start tomorrow
Ericka Fletcher: I’m so juiced , I may have missed this summer but ❄️ will see my 2 piece ‼️
2018-08-09 21:18:22
Round 1 Day 13. ✅

I almost died ya’ll. My stomach was like “ Bishhh, if you don’t STOP” :)

I’m waiting until the end for my weigh in, but I got in some old jeans and did a squat

Hey Now!!

Keep going everybody !!
Natalie Lucas: Yes!!!
Jade Hernandez: Congrats !!!!
2018-07-28 00:56:26
Round 1 Day 2✅
Re-up the groceries✅
Natalie Lucas: On it!!!