2022-08-21 22:46:15
Just submitted my progress pics for the 21 day challenge and whew that was soooo hard I’m so thankful to be on the other side. This program has really helped me with my discipline!
Leticia Marie Gardner: Yayyy super excited for you! You did great! So proud of all my total body ladies dropping lbs & inches
2022-08-21 12:19:06
Sooooo is today the day we submit our final results for the 21 day challenge? Also where do we submit the images so that you get them?
2022-08-20 19:28:38
I’m late being that it’s not throw back Thursday anymore, but being that I'm coming to the end of my first 21 days I wanted to share my goal physique…
Leticia Marie Gardner: Yessss honeyyy
2022-08-17 20:34:57
Hey beautiful Queens! Y’all I almost didn’t make it today but I stayed strong and within my allowed calories, now I’m getting ready to conquer this workout. Today I’m thanking God for this community along with the power of consistency and discipline!
Leticia Marie Gardner: That's ok hun, Im glad you did good on your diet. thank you, so good to have you.
2022-08-05 10:05:54
Soooooo yesterday I got the most painful sunburn 😩 but you better believe I slathered on some calamine lotion and handled my business in the gym. Now I just have to make it through date night and the weekend with a clean diet. Working out has never been my problem it’s the food 😩
Leticia Marie Gardner: Sorry to hear that, yes continue to eat clean until your skin is healed.
Tiawna Wright: Just keep your goals in mind whenever ordering food/drinks; your future self with thank you 🫶🏽
2022-08-02 12:30:41
Yesterday was my rest day (worked out for the past 8 days and needed recovery) now I’m excited to get it in for this August Birthday challenge. Going to take it to a new level to see just what my body can do in 20 days. Shout out to all the Leo’s and Virgos! Xoxo
Leticia Marie Gardner: Yesss honey! Let’s get ittttttt
2022-08-01 22:03:09
Just took my day 1 August Birthday challenge pictures, where do I send them to join the challenge?