2018-10-01 20:48:26
I’ve had to take a couple of days off, between workouts because of flare ups with inflammation and the fatigue that comes with it. But I pushed through and I’m proud of my results! I will do round 3 at the end of this month. I will be traveling for a few weeks, but will continue to move and eat clean!
Celina Rosario: You look amazing, congratulations and happy birthday!
Alicia Gaines: Whoop whoop! You look amazing!
Alisha Nesbitt: Thank you! Starting round 1 back up tomorrow
2018-09-08 19:37:00
Round 1 complete! I will start round 2 on Monday
Stacie London: Great job
Alisha Nesbitt: Thanks ladies!
frankie thomas: So awesome
2018-09-08 19:35:53
Do we carb deplete on the first week of round 2 with the pescatarian meal plan?