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Note to Self

Sometimes life knocks you down , and that's ok, sometimes things happen that you didn't plan or that was completely out your control and that's ok too. People hurt us, people let us down, bad things happen and it scars us, that's ok too. Sometimes the people we love or the ones closes to us will use your wounds to hurt you, and it hurts you even more, sometimes the people we trust, let us down or don't support us the way we would or have done for them, and that's ok too. Point is we've all been hurt, and I don't know if the pain ever really leaves us or we just find new ways to deal with them. But either way don't let the hurt and pain run your life, don't let it block your blessing , or make your heart hard and cold just because someone else didn't see your value or didn't know how to love. We're all fighting battles that no one knows anything about. I believe a lot of what we go through isn't even for us , but to be a testimony to help somebody else one day. So if you've over come something, don't be afraid to share your story , you never know who's heart you can change.