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What Women Want

What Women Want

Saturday March 21,2020 2:00 PM

Location: Atlanta Ga

Early Bird Special is OVER! It has Ended!


"Tea Party Dress Attire" 

This is about love, support, healing, networking, walking in our purposes because this is WHAT WOMEN WANT!


Our goal is to create a community of love, acceptance, and support for women by the encouragement of unashamedly sharing truth without fear.


In a society, that creates an atmosphere of competition amongst women and fosters insecurity, we want to be a safe place where women from all walks of life feel welcomed, are supported, and most importantly, #EMPOWHERED.


Leticia Gardner @leticiamariegardner and Samantha Gibson @lovesamanthalee came together with a common goal to empower women everywhere to love & value themselves, despite whatever circumstances they may have faced. Both ladies have unique stories & experiences, and for the first time ever they want to have the opportunity to share their own truth in an effort to promote the culture of honesty & reality that is significantly lacking in today’s social media world.

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